Started in 1998, Baxter Village is Clear Springs’ first mixed-use development.

Over more than 15 years, it grew to be home to over 1,400 homes and some 450,000 square feet of restaurants, shops, offices and civic spaces. This best-selling, pedestrian-centric village, renowned for its miles of sidewalks and trails and over 500 acres of open space and parks, won numerous awards from organizations focused on homebuilding, marketing, land planning and environmental excellence.

The Home Builders Association of Charlotte awarded Baxter Village "Best Overall Community" twice and named Clear Springs "Developer of the Year" twice. The community was also cited by the National Sierra Club as a "Smart Growth" example; won a Stewardship Development Award from the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources; and received the "Building With Trees" designation from the National Arbor Day Foundation.

The company’s cornerstone development.
Baxter Village, was designed to put merchants back at the heart of everyday life and foster close relationships between neighbors. Rocking chair front porches, tree-lined streets, trails and classic homes have made walking to Baxter Town Center a forgotten pleasure of small-town life.

After the first home was sold in 1999, Baxter dominated new-home sales in the Charlotte market for almost 15 years. The 1,030-acre residential development with 1,450 homes, established northern York County as the preferred go-to community for people who worked in Charlotte.

The enduring popularity of Baxter Town Center’s retail and office locations reflects the neighborhood’s residential selling success. Retail and restaurant sales in Baxter now generate $14 million annually. Clear Springs Development has made Baxter Village an overwhelming success by staying true to their original vision.