Kingsley presents extraordinary opportunities to create a village of distinctive character and lasting value for residents of the Town of Fort Mill. Such wonderful places will build upon the Close Family legacy of investment in the town and dedication to the inherent qualities of the region. From the Springs textile industry to the dedication of the Anne Springs Close Greenway to the establishment of Baxter as an authentic Upcountry village, the Close Family has dedicated their time and attention to the importance of place and connection of heritage to the future for many years.

Just as the history of the Close Family and Fort Mill itself stems from a rich and storied past, so do the future stories of Kingsley featuring great Lake Patricia. And seated at the western edge of the Greenway, Kingsley possesses rolling hills and woodlands that provide an unique natural character upon which to build a new place. Kingsley’s position as a gateway to the Town of Fort Mill also presents an opportunity to tell the story of Fort Mill’s textile heritage through new, distinctive development. Kingsley also presents the opportunity to provide a needed sense of arrival to the growing area.
Kingsley will celebrate the industrial heritage of Fort Mill and the region while providing unique addresses for corporate offices, commercial, and residential buildings amidst the natural amenities of the site. The beautiful Lancaster Mill once stood nearby, and connecting back to the mill heritage and traditions of Fort Mill will build authentic value for Kingsley. Office and retail buildings can be constructed in a coordinated architectural vocabulary, ranging from traditional to more modern forms within similar patterns. A distinctive environment creates a sense of place attractive to corporate users attempting to distinguish themselves from traditional office parks found throughout the region.

A number of towns are rehabilitating former industrial structures into uses differing from their original purposes. Cities that do not have such character are rebuilding it due to demand for the authentic. Kingsley can link this market demand to the forms and character of Fort Mill. Retail and hotels will be organized in an urban environment, reminiscent of the elegant brick mill yards of the textile industry.

In addition to the mill aesthetic, a number of other addresses may be created, focusing on Kingsley’s natural environment. The lakes and waterways become addresses for development, and preserving woodlands should be a development objective. Sustainable, site-specific strategies for stormwater management will also integrate development with the features of the land. A series of walking trails will be developed throughout the property as an amenity for workers, visitors, and residents alike. Lake Patricia will maintain its natural edges with office development hidden amidst the trees, overlooking the water.
Conceptual design of Kingsley is rooted in connection of development to the natural features of the property. Lake Patricia and its natural edges and wetlands will remain a core asset of the property. Open space and the topography of the land g vern where development occurs, and regulate development to be harmonious with the natural beauty of the land. Sustainable development techniques will be used to make these connections clear.

Kingsley will be developed as a mix of corporate and speculative offices, retail, hotels, and residential development in various forms.